When Shared Interests Become a Wedge

SpouseBUZZSometimes, I wonder if my life wouldn’t be easier if I didn’t have so much in common with my husband. Sure, most of the time it’s great that we both love science fiction, have a blast cooking together, get a kick out of LEGO models of the Space Shuttle, enjoy trips to the shooting range, and share a love for the exhilaration of flight. Our common interests brought us together and continue to baffle my mother-in-law, who halfway suspected I was just pretending to like all of “that stuff” for her son’s sake while we were dating.

Fat Albert

I would love to experience an air show from inside this famous C-130. To date, no one has offered me the chance.

When two people enjoy the same things, it’s fantastic when they get to partake of their passions together. When one person gets to do something totally awesome related to one of those shared interests and the other person emphatically does not… well, let’s just say it’s not all Skittles and beer.

In this SpouseBUZZ post, I tell the story of one time — not the first nor last time — I wished that I could either switch places with Sampson or magically quash the fascination of mine that led to an acute case of envious rage.

You may note that I’m a little late in pointing you to this post. When it first went live, there were some technical hiccups that resulted in people’s comments not showing up for several days. I wanted to wait ’til that was resolved before sharing the link here, and then life got busy. Everything should be working now, though, so I’d love it if you could drop by and tell me what you think. Ever wished you could step into your spouse’s shoes for the day? Have you run into trouble that would have been avoided if you didn’t have so darn much in common with your beloved? Tell me I’m not alone at The Mixed Blessing of Shared Interests on SpouseBUZZ.


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