My Husband

My husband is a designated Naval Aviator.

My husband is a designated Naval Aviator.

The man in my life (bloggish alias: “Sampson”) is a Naval Aviator of the tailhooker persuasion, which means he lands airplanes on boats for a living.  His fleet aircraft was C-2A Greyhound. Also known as the COD (Carrier Onboard Delivery), the C-2A’s task is to bring passengers, high-priority cargo, and — most importantly for the morale of everyone aboard ship — mail to the aircraft carrier. Now he’s flying the T-6A Texan II on his shore tour.

In addition to being a plane geek, my husband is an automotive enthusiast with a penchant for autocrossing and suspension modifications.  Our house is strewn with an alarming number of car and airplane magazines.  At least I know what to send him when he’s on det halfway around the world.

Have I mentioned that he is incredibly smart?  He graduated from the Naval Academy with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, which should serve us in good stead when he retires from the Navy and we start building our fleet of kit planes.

Every now and again, Sampson provides a servicemember’s perspective for this milspouse blog. Check out his guest posts!