I’m a geek.  I married a geek who happens to fly airplanes for the Navy.  Together, we fight crime! Together, we volunteer with the Civil Air Patrol, read and watch a ton of science fiction, cook, celebrate Jewish holidays, play games both board and computer, and laugh until we wish we had a 100% O2 switch we could flip just to catch our breath.

Sometimes, though, Navy life forces us to make “together” a state of mind rather than a physical reality.  I find a certain resonance between the virtual togetherness that makes up a significant chunk of a military marriage and the virtual community of the Internet.  I blog because those connections — all in our heads or not — are important.


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    • Hey, you’re an author, aren’t you? Writers can definitely geek it up about their writing. It’s more than just Star Trek and Doctor Who (although I must admit that the starship Enterprise and the good Doctor play significant roles in my particular approach to geekiness). 😉

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