Over the Horizon

Sampson has once again departed for the traveling rock-and-roll show that is a COD deployment. That means that the next several months here on the Nth homefront will include drinking a fair amount of this…

Any Porter in a Storm

…kneading and braiding and baking and eating this…

Four-stranded Challah

…all by myself, and being kept company by a pair of inscrutable creatures who think that this…

Sleeping Nose to... Tail

…is a completely acceptable way to sleep in polite society — or what passes for polite society, when it’s just me and I have few compelling reasons to change out of my sweet mesh USNA shorts and, like, actually interact with other human beings. Ah, decadence.


9 thoughts on “Over the Horizon

  1. sespi says:

    Add some pancakes and replace the cats with dogs and our deployment lives sound very similar! 😉 Hope the deployment goes quickly for you guys!

    P.S. Is that a homebrewed beer?

    • Thanks! Too bad you’re not near enough to drop by for dinner — if waffles are an acceptable pancake substitute, we could have quite the breakfast-for-dinner feast.

      That is indeed our homebrewed porter. I must say, I’m still amazed that Sampson and I turned things that were not beer into real, pourable, drinkable beer. It’s like magic!

  2. Bebes says:

    Aww, how I miss cute cats! The beer looks amazing. We have just started our own home brewing experiment.

    Sending you comfortable and pleasant deployment thoughts! I’m just learning what it’s like to wear jeans and go outside in public again 😉

    • Your kind thoughts are much appreciated. Whatcha got brewing? I’m itching to start another batch, but I’d need to time things carefully to ensure the availability of some help for Brew Day and Bottling Day. I don’t think I’m up to hefting a full five-gallon batch myself.

  3. haha – Sespi, I’m with you. Pancakes are the thing to do for singledom dinners. Okay, okay, any sort of breakfast will do. Who am I to turn down waffles, omelets, or (in the sad part of eating alone) toast. I’m pretty sure breakfast for dinner might cure cancer. Although Mr. Wookie will never know…he despises breakfast for dinner. I just might have to break up with him….

    • Breakfast for dinner is divine, no doubt about it. Shun the nonbeliever! Shuuuuunnnn… 😉 Also, there’s not a thing wrong with toast. I even consider it a treat when it’s a nice toasted slice of my challah, especially with butter and pumpkin butter.

      Actually, that was part of my lunch today. Part of my dinner was a waffle. Breakfast also included breakfast food, so that makes all three meals today. Whoo-yeah, gettin’ this deployment started right!

  4. Wife of a Sailor says:

    Those cats are being pretty polite, compared to our kittens! They like nursing each other and licking each others’ butts.

    • Oh, trust me, these beasties do the same. Vera nurses on Valentine while Val industriously nurses on herself. The sucking sounds are truly embarrassing, and I could really do without their preference for curling up ri-i-ight next to me while they go to town.

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