Celebrations and Obligations

Life in our little family has revolved around celebrations in recent weeks. Amongst the highlights:

  • Chanukah
  • Sampson’s birthday
  • Our fifth wedding anniversary
  • The beginning of 2012

That’s a lot of holidays and personal milestones squeezed into a tiny span of calendar space. When you factor in the travel (by car, battling horrendous traffic, with two vocally displeased and/or carsick felines in the back seat, I might add) to see relatives on both sides of the family during Sampson’s ten days of block leave, it makes for a late December/early January period that isn’t big on restfulness.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that my body decided to enforce some downtime by way of a sneezy, eye-watery cold over the weekend. Sampson and I hardly ever make big plans for New Year’s Eve, as we’d just as soon avoid the Tipsy Timmies and Soused Sallies who think the holiday gives them +1 in drunk driving skills, so we had already planned to ring in 2012 in the comfort of our own home. Plus, we make far superior cocktails for a far more reasonable price than we could find at any swanky joint.

Alas, the rate at which I was going through tissues and my general malaise left me unfit for cocktails on the 31st. Passing out on the couch in front of the Twilight Zone marathon and having Sampson wake me up just in time to see the ball drop wasn’t exactly the romantic evening in I’d envisioned, but I can’t complain. My husband and I stepped into this new year together, safe and whole. If things had turned out just a hair’s-breadth differently on one day in 2011, we might not have been able to say that.

In the very fact that Sampson and I could celebrate the arrival of a new year, I believe there is an implied obligation for us to be mindful of our blessings. Not easy. I will almost certainly lose sight of the important stuff at times (especially in the face of military frustrations; the Navy has a way of making trivialities explode into seeming significance). All I can do is strive to let myself hear the quiet, joyful truths of the good things in my life, whatever 2012 may bring.


One thought on “Celebrations and Obligations

  1. Oh, I love your comment about the Navy exploding trivialities. That is so true, and, lucky me, I am living that dream. Happy New Year to you! Hope you feel better!

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