MilSpouse Holiday Blog Swap

If you’re like me, you’re still in denial that it is even close to December, much less that we’re already two weeks in. I am in dire need of a mental calendar reset in the form of seasonal stories, holiday memories, and winter warmth. Only one thing could possibly drum the reality of this month into my brain: a blog swap!

Milspouse Holiday Blog Swap 2011

Like the Valentine’s Day MilSpouse Blog Swap earlier this year, today’s swap is the brainchild of Wife on the Roller Coaster. Click on the logo above to find a showcase of unique perspectives on the winter holiday season written by military spouses from a variety of backgrounds.

Flip Flops and Combat BootsI have the pleasure of playing hostess to the charming Nicole of Flip Flops and Combat Boots. Her passion for good food and good wine makes her a woman after my own heart; should you find yourself in her neck of the woods, you wouldn’t go wrong to seek her advice on local vino and cuisine.

The holiday spirit that Nicole and her handsome Marine husband seek to share with her stepson Kaleb, as you will read in her post, has the power to return that spark of childhood magic even to grown-up hearts.

“I Believe” by Nicole of Flip Flops and Combat Boots

I still believe. Yes, I am twenty-six and still believe in Santa. Of course, I know Santa is not real but there is nothing wrong with still believing in the magic of Christmas.

When I was around fourteen I knew Santa wasn’t real, so I told my younger sister. She was upset, and said, “Well, at least I still have the Easter Bunny.” That will always be a family joke… but the more I thought about it, the more I still wanted to believe.

So, I set up a game for Santa. I found a piece of wood and left Santa a note: “If you are real you will carve in this wood.” Apparently, I thought a big jolly man could do that… but not my parents! The next morning I woke up… and the wood was carved. I still knew he wasn’t real but I had something to hold onto.

I don’t believe in ruining the magic for kids. It’s not lying, I don’t feel as if I was lied to and I don’t think we’re lying to Kaleb.

If you take Santa out of Christmas you take away the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and the Pot of Gold on St. Patrick’s Day. Kids deserve to believe… or else they end up old and cranky before their time. Let them believe… and maybe you will start believing again.

Eighth Night of ChanukahTo the Nth here again: I want to thank Nicole for allowing me to share the story of “Santa’s” woodcarving with my readers. Don’t forget to drop by Riding the Roller Coaster and visit all of the MilSpouse Holiday Blog Swap participants — you don’t want to miss any of their wintertime stories!

Want to read about my very first Chanukah as a Navy wife? Take a spin on over to The Life of an Army Wife, where Katie is graciously acting as my host.


9 thoughts on “MilSpouse Holiday Blog Swap

  1. Blog Swap jumping!

    The rule in my family is, “If you don’t believe, you don’t receive!” I will keep believing 😉 And not just to receive. You’re right, there is something magical about this time of year you cannot help but want to be caught up in!

  2. We decided that our children should write a letter to Santa to ask for one thing for Christmas! So each year we leave cookies, milk, and carrots on our coffee table for the reindeer. Santa always leaves a thank you note along with their special gifts. 🙂 This way Mom and Dad still get credit for most of the work! hehehe!

  3. bahahaha…i love that your sister said she still has the easter bunny! that’s awesome!

    i absolutely agree with you. once i found out my parents were santa, i never thought to myself, “my parents have been lying to me”, i just wondered if that meant i wasn’t going to get anymore presents. it breaks my hearts when parents tell their children that there is no santa. i feel as if they are crushing that childs dreams, magic and imagination.

    great post!

  4. I totally agree! We did Santa growing up and I have never thought my parents were “liars,” “bad people,” etc. – even though my in-laws told them they were to their faces for playing Santa with us as kids. I definitely want my kids to believe in magic and miracles. We’ve come to a compromise – we’re going to do Santa Mouse with our kids. (look it up) I still get to have my fun and SoldierMan doesn’t feel like a total heathen.

  5. I am so with you! I still believe in the magic and Santa and all that 🙂 I love that your sister said, “At least I still have the Easter Bunny.” I laughed! Thanks for sharing lady!

  6. I totally that it’s not lying, that the kids deserve to experience that magic as long as possible. My 7-year-old is starting to exhibit some skepticism, and I’m so sad. I told my husband just the other night that I think this is the last year he’ll believe. I just hope he doesn’t fill his sister in when he finds out. My big brother told me EVERYTHING: Santa, Easter bunny, Tooth Fairy. All in one shot. I was devastated!

    Thanks to both of you for participating in the blog swap (and sorry for my delayed response in reading!). Happy holidays to both of you!

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