#blogExodus 7: Ask

#blogExodus 5775 topicsI am a long way from home through this weekend, on a trip whose entire purpose is to ask questions. For years, I have been daydreaming about the possibility of one day applying to rabbinical school, and that “one day” isn’t so far off anymore. I’m visiting one of the school’s campuses this week, to meet faculty and staff and current students and to see if I could envision myself among them. Today was filled with asking, and my mind is buzzing with new information (or possibly the unaccustomed Cherry Coke I had with dinner).

It rained and got progressively colder while I moved between classes and lunch and meetings, but the dark clouds that held court throughout the day were not so boorish as to withhold the sunset.


The only other thing I could ask of today would be a camera to capture the brilliant pinks and oranges that apparently exceed my phone’s capacity.

#blogExodus, the brainchild of Rabbi Phyllis Sommer, invites participants to chronicle the weeks leading up to Passover through blog posts, photos, and other social media expressions.


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