Never Did Find a Pair of Hiking Boots

My non-specialized footwear served me all right this time, though. Our Lake Tahoe vacation was glorious and relaxing and full of hiking and just what we needed.

Lake Tahoe

It’s practically unfair for water to be this blue, or for the weather to be this gorgeous.

We’re now in the midst of the Jewish High Holy Day season, which tends to boggle me with the apparent speed of its annual return. Our Rosh Hashanah wound up being quieter than we’d anticipated; Sampson’s folks were supposed to come spend the Jewish New Year with us, but my father-in-law’s golf injury necessitated a last-minute cancellation of their trip. We were sad not to be able to spend the holiday with them, but healing absolutely takes priority. Sampson and I still managed a feast of brisket, risotto, and plenty of apples and honey for a sweet new year.

Sampson’s work schedule has been pretty wacky over the last week or so, with a lot more late-night stuff than we’re used to interspersed with some early wake-ups. That kind of sleep-shifting always plays merry hell with my internal clock, so I’m glad today is shaping up to be more “normal.” I’ve got a Civil Air Patrol meeting tonight, during which I hope to get a few things back on track with the cadet side of our public affairs program. Cookies may be required to soften the blow of any tasking I have to hand out; baked goods always make work more palatable, right? I’m thinking my basic chocolate chunk recipe will do nicely.

I guess that means I’m off to bake and to further enjoy the hint of autumnal coolness on the breeze blowing through my open windows. Hope your day is going equally well!


2 thoughts on “Never Did Find a Pair of Hiking Boots

    • Now I know that I love it, too! Sampson had assured me that I would, and it turned out to be even more beautiful than I’d envisioned. I hope we can finagle a way to spend another vacation there before too long.

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