Who’s Winning, Me or the Deployment? (Part II)

In WWMotD (Part I), we took a look at the argument that this deployment is kicking my ass. I blithely promised that in Part II, I would enumerate all the ways in which I was actually winning at this deployment.

I never should have tempted Murphy so. He apparently took it as a personal challenge and thereafter set out to prove that this deployment is kicking my ass — now with added bonus steel-toed boots!

The fact that my air conditioner shit the bed today after I’d already had a repairman out to fix (“fix,” apparently) it on Friday is merely the icing on the cake. I get it, Murphy. You win. You have officially wiped the milspouse can-do, grin-and-bear-it, independent-and-proud-of-it smile off my face. I just want my husband to come home before a bolt of lightning from some unholy partnership between Murphy and Zeus fries all the electronics in the house just to punctuate my abject non-winningness, or something.

Happy frakking Independence Day. We have proven that I am not.


6 thoughts on “Who’s Winning, Me or the Deployment? (Part II)

  1. Oh no–that’s awful!!! I had to deal with a busted a/c during a deployment once too. Why do these things ALWAYS happen when we’re on our own?? Good thing we’re independent women 😉 I really hope July gets better for you soon!

  2. well you get major kudos for awesomeness in sarcasm! You made me laugh my butt off!! At least your wit and sarcasm is still intact, which is more than I can say for some people who go through this crap!!! Zeus and Murphy can suck it!

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