MilSpouse (First) Friday Fill-In #72

Okay, I know I said my next post would be Part II of “Who’s Winning, Me or the Deployment?” I decided I wanted to play the MilSpouse Friday Fill-In game today instead, especially since I missed it in May. WWMotD (Part II), in which we shall investigate the arguments in favor of the thesis that I am rocking this deployment, should go live sometime after (East Coast) sundown on Saturday; I’m sure you’re all waiting with bated breath to read about my deployment triumphs. 😉

What’s one thing in the past month you would have changed?

I would have stopped just a few bites sooner on my birthday cheesecake.

What was your favorite thing that happened in May? 

My parents and my little brother (who is actually much taller than me) came to visit for my birthday. Their stay was peppered with the eating of many delicious meals, boundless laughter, and a few abundant cocktails. Oh, and warbirds.

The P-51 Mustang is surely a “bewitching” airplane. Just look at the nose art.

Boiling the wort

Our brew pot has been sitting idle for far too long.

June includes the first day of summer… what are your plans for the summer?

Apparently my “plans” include a variety of home maintenance items, but they totally don’t count because they’re no fun whatsoever.

My real plans (i.e., the fun ones) include flying as often as possible, seeing a concert at a winery, riding my bike, brewing another batch of beer, and grilling many delicious meats and veggies.

Do you use the services on base (gym, financial planning, family services, daycare)? And if so, what’s your favorite one? (Thanks to Shanon at Modern Meets Traditional for this question!)

We did go to base legal to get wills, advanced directives, and springing durable powers of attorney (a phrase I find enormously entertaining to say: “Springing durable power of attorney! Springing durable power of attorney!”) drawn up for both of us. I found the process to be pretty streamlined for something that involves paperwork.

I strongly recommend that all military couples ensure that both spouses have wills and that they are up to date. It’s simple. Make an appointment at your base legal assistance office. They’ll provide you with worksheets that you each fill out and bring with you to the appointment. At the appointment, you’ll go over everything with a lawyer and make another appointment to come back and sign everything that needs to get signed. Easy-peasy.

Wills and other subjects relating to death are uncomfortable for a lot of people, but I promise you’ll feel better once you get it done. I’m not saying it was a barrel of laughs to contemplate such sobering scenarios, but we’d rather have the documents in hand and not need them for decades and decades than be caught unprepared by a tragedy.

What are you looking forward to in June?

I look forward to crossing another month off the deployment calendar and being one month closer to Sampson’s return. That’s always a worthy milestone to me.

Are you a military spouse/fiancée/fiancé/girlfriend/boyfriend? Hie thee to LTJG Wifey’s blog, snag the questions, and add yourself to the Mr. Linky for this month’s MilSpouse (First) Friday Fill-In!


8 thoughts on “MilSpouse (First) Friday Fill-In #72

  1. sespi says:

    Yay for crossing off another deployment month! Your summer “fun” plans sound… well, fun. LOL. What kind of beer are you making this go round?

    • I’m thinking a pale ale this go ’round — not an IPA, though, as Sampson’s not crazy about that level of hoppiness. It should be a nice contrast to the porter we made last summer. I need to plan a trip to the homebrew store and see what inspires me.

  2. Ooooh, homemade beer sounds good… and probably goes well with the grilled food. You’re making me hungry! 🙂

    Hooray for one less month of deployment!!

    I totally agree with the wills. Hubby and I had ours done before we jetted to Spain, just in case anything happened overseas to us. The Navy did a great job and I recommend every sailor and spouse to get one, too.

    • Homebrewing is so much fun! It’s pure kitchen alchemy, and then you have your very own beer. I even get an inordinate amount of joy from using the nifty little bottle-capper device. Of course, it’s even better to pop one of those caps off and pour a tall glass of real beer that you really made. Magic!

      Yay for getting your wills done! It’s so important, but people seem to shy away from talking about anything touching upon scary or unpleasant possibilities.

  3. A concert at a winery sounds like so much fun! Music + wine = happiness for hours. I have yet to visit a winery which is sad seeing as we’re about an hour from Napa! Ahhh, hubby retires next year so maybe then. 🙂 Alma

    • You are in for a treat at your first winery visit! The way it’s worked at the ones I’ve visited is that there is a tasting room (or tasting area outside, if the weather’s beautiful) where you pay a small fee and then get to taste a selection of their wines. Many, but not all, of the wineries we’ve visited let you keep the tasting wineglass, printed with their logo, as a souvenir. It’s fun to reminisce about this or that winery we visited when we’re enjoying a glass at home years later.

  4. Oh no! NEVER stop early on a birthday cake–they don’t have any calories, you know! We’ve never done a will or advanced directive, but with the little ones on the way, that’s on our list of things to do now. Oh the joys of aging and responsibility!

    • Oh, it wasn’t the calories — I’m with you on the complete absence of calories in birthday cake. It was more the waking up in the middle of the night with my stomach informing me that I’d way overdone it on the rich food. I shudder to think that’s one of the “joys” of aging, too. 😉

      As for the will and all that fun stuff, the nice part about it is that once you get it done, you don’t have to think about it again unless some major change in your assets or family composition comes up. It was a much simpler process than I thought it would be.

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