MilSpouse (First) Friday Fill-In #70

It’s here, it’s here! We’ve reached the first Friday in April, which I think is at least as worthy of celebration as that “foolish” day that had us giggling at Internet antics at the beginning of the month. Once we hit sundown, though, we run headlong into Shabbat and the first night of Passover. Chag Pesach Sameach to all who are celebrating, and I hope you have a wonderful seder! May you find delicious and creative ways to enjoy your eight days’ worth of matzoh. 😉

What’s one thing in the past month you would have changed?

I would have refrained from eating the entire batch of kettle corn I made whilst waiting for Sampson to return home from some bit of late-night pre-deployment business to which he had to attend. I suspect I added too much sugar for the amount of popcorn I used, so it turned out addictively tasty and far too rich for an evening snack. Alas, my overfull tummy forced me to forgo the whisky Sampson and I had planned to enjoy when he got back from the squadron.

What was your favorite thing that happened in March?

I got to go flying for the first time with my new headset. Not only was it lighter and comfier than the David Clark loaners I’d been borrowing, I didn’t have to wonder about who else had gotten up close and personal with the microphone windscreen before me. The cockpit is a noisy environment, you see, and you need to have the microphone pretty much touching your lips in order to be heard on the radio. As much as I love my fellow Civil Air Patrol volunteers, that esteem does not extend to wishing to make out with their previously used microphones.

Check your phone… who was the last person you called and what is your favorite thing about them?

‘Twas my in-laws, to discuss Passover plans. They’re wonderful folks who have always made me feel like a welcome addition to the family.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?

A green dragon basking in the sun

I drew this green Pernese dragon basking in the sun when I was in high school.

I still remember when Crayola released new crayon colors in 1990. My favorite among the new additions to my crayon box was Jungle Green. The color was perfect for both rich foliage and for the dragons that figured so vividly in my imagination throughout my childhood. I may not take to the sky on gossamer-thin dragon wings, but I feel the same excitement whenever I climb into a small airplane.

What are you looking forward to in April?

This first part of the month is full of family and celebrations. I’m excited to see all kinds of people, but it will be particularly special to meet two new family members this weekend — my cousin and his wife just welcomed a set of twins last week, so I look forward to saying hello to my newest first cousins, once removed.

Are you a military spouse/fiancée/fiancé/girlfriend/boyfriend? Hie thee to LTJG Wifey’s blog, snag the questions, and add yourself to the Mr. Linky for this month’s MilSpouse (First) Friday Fill-In!


4 thoughts on “MilSpouse (First) Friday Fill-In #70

    • Aw, thanks! I can’t get enough of deep, rich greens. Oil pastels are so great for intense color. I think I still have a set somewhere; I ought to cudgel my brain in an effort to remember where they might be.

  1. Angela Noelle says:

    Ah! I remember that crayon release vividly as well 🙂 My favorite one was macaroni & cheese–not too surprising!

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