I Need a Deployment Inspiration Filter

SpouseBUZZSpring has sprung here in Virginia! Actually, the local flora had a pretty good jump on springtime well before the vernal equinox this year, as evidenced by the lovely blooming flower pictures I captured at the botanical garden during strolls and bike rides in February. You know, February? That short-ish month generally considered to be solidly in the winter season? It sure didn’t feel like it this year.

Spring has Sprung

I took this photo in February at the Norfolk Bontanical Garden. Spring arrived early this year, bringing with it a deployment and wild inspiration

Though I may have thought wistfully of the pretty snow flurries we weren’t getting, I can’t say I was too upset about getting to enjoy some warmer weather with Sampson before he left. I think the sunshine and the lengthening days even assuaged some of the sting of our farewell — I feel energized and inspired to go forth and do things to kick off this deployment! That’s quite a contrast to last year, when Sampson left in the dreary depths of January and all I could think about was missing out on a cozy “hibernation” with my honey.

I have a problem, though. All this energy and inspiration zinging through me right now is wonderful, but no matter how much the new season is making me feel like an all-conquering wonder woman, the rational part of my brain knows that even a comic book superhero would be hard pressed to accomplish all the possibilities currently firing my imagination.

In my latest SpouseBUZZ post, I ask how I can fit springtime’s early deployment dreams into a reality that doesn’t involve me acquiring superhuman powers. I need your deployment goal secrets, stat, because my wild fantasy-land ideas just aren’t going to cut it.

Hop on over “Spring is Here and I Can Do Anything! Or Maybe Not…” on SpouseBUZZ and hit me with your best deployment goal-setting do’s and don’ts.


One thought on “I Need a Deployment Inspiration Filter

  1. I always make huge goals. Then I tell myself, “oh, I have so much time! 5 months still. Plenty of time to get those rooms painted.” Somehow I always end up painting the two days before he gets home. And all those crafts I was going to complete? They were taken to Goodwill today. 🙂 so I have no good advice. I do think the goals help keep my mind busy, and in a way make the time go faster. Though I do think you should focus on beating Zelda. That looks like a fun game. My kids tell me about it. I would play it, but I get motion sick. It is so depressing.

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