The “Gotcha” Question

SpouseBUZZThere are some people for whom conversation is a dance, a cooperative venture whose purpose is mutual enlightenment. And then there are those for whom conversation is a competitive sport, the goal of which is to score points on the other player using words as a fencer’s foil.

Sure, they look calm now, but that's only because the fiendish simulator instructor hasn't yet begun to fight.

A few years back, I was ensnared at a squadron get-together by one of the latter sort, one of Sampson’s instructors. He saw fit to turn a “Gotcha!” tactic — which no doubt works wonders on his students — on an unsuspecting Navy wife.

So, who won that exchange of words? Check out my latest on SpouseBUZZ to see how it played out: Will I Ever be an Expert on Military Life?


2 thoughts on “The “Gotcha” Question

  1. I would have said something really passive-aggressive, like, “I’m as much an expert being a Navy wife as you are being a sim instructor.” That leaves it open to a lot of interpretation and ambiguity, which is fine for me when someone is playing the “gotcha” game. It’s pretty much the only answer that is not an answer. 🙂 Fortunately, no one has tried that with me- either I’ve been very lucky to have never encountered that kind of person, or they already know that I don’t play drama games.

    Good luck to the Navy wife who falls in that trap! I really dislike that there are people out there willing to prey on others.

    • I’m with you! I thought of all kinds of deliciously biting, snarky replies I could have made… later that evening, at home, rehashing the incident with Sampson. At least he appreciates my incisive wit.

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