MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #50

Though I missed last week’s fill-in fun (I think my husband finally being home was a good excuse), I can’t pass up the chance to celebrate the MilSpouse Friday Fill-In’s big five-oh. Before you started, LTJG Wifey, did you ever think your weekly questions would take off like they have? Congratulations on reaching this Internet meme milestone!

Do you eat raw cookie dough?

I sure do. Getting to eat the dough/lick the batter is pretty much the reason I bake from scratch.

When you get online for the first time of the day… what site do you immediately head to?

My morning simply hasn’t begun until I’ve rolled over to my Gmail inbox to see what damage was done to it overnight.

What was your favorite pet as a child and why?

I loved my Clancy-cat. He was the chillest animal I have ever met; when my family decided to adopt a cat after our dog passed away, we knew Clancy was the one because he was the only cat in the shelter not to cringe when my then-three-year-old brother ran up to the cage and gave a big, “HI, CAT!” He lived to a ripe old feline age, but I still miss him.

If you had a snail that could magically grant wishes, what would you name it?

“Whiskey,” short for “Damn, I’d Better Cut Back on the Whiskey.”

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

Couldn’t tell you — I always bite the silly things.

Are you a military spouse/fiancée/fiancé/girlfriend/boyfriend? Hie thee to LTJG Wifey’s blog, snag the questions, and add yourself to the Mr. Linky for this week’s MilSpouse Friday Fill-In!


3 thoughts on “MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #50

  1. Judy Holderman says:

    Hi – I see you like science fiction & fantasy. Have you read The Hunger Games? They are great! I ahve a couple questions for you about deployment. Loved the photo you used on the SpouseBuzz blog. Can you email me personally?
    Thanks – Judy

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