MilSpouse Friday Fill-In: Deep Thought Edition

If you know why my subject line is what it is for the 42nd installment of the MilSpouse Friday Fill-In, you must be a hoopy frood who always knows where your towel is. (Mine is in the linen closet, but easily accessible at the first notice of planetary disturbance.) Don’t panic, everyone — quicker than you can say Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, it’s time for the…

Do you think civilians, in general, understand the meaning of Memorial Day?

In my more cynical moments, I am not at all sure that they do. Backyard barbecues and the like don’t raise my hackles much, even if I wish everyone would take a moment to remember those who died that we might enjoy such moments with family and friends in peace and freedom. “Memorial Day SALES EVENTS!!!111!1oneone!” tend to make me feel ill, though. The loud, flashy, obnoxious discount furniture store commercials — complete with waving flags and consumer excess masked as patriotism — that appear this time of year have been known to make me reflexively change the channel in disgust.

What are your plans for the Memorial Day Weekend?

It’s going to be a quiet one for me and the kitty-cats. On Monday at 1500 local time I will pause for a moment of silence. Later that evening, I may raise a glass in memory and tribute to those who died in service to me, you, and everyone else who breathes free in the United States.

What skill/talent do you wish you had? submitted by The 3 Turners

Oh, I wish I had plenty! How could I choose just one?

  • Flying! Single-engine Land will be the first step.
  • Quilting
  • Airplane maintenance (I’ve toyed with the idea of training to be an A&P so I could work on any airplane we might one day own.)
  • Guitar playing
  • Singing (I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket)
  • Beating that wretched boss in [name of current video game obsession here]
  • Photo editing
  • Roller coaster designing
  • Turning blog ideas into actual posts ;-P

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? submitted by I Married Into The Army

It had to be the egg. What we call the modern chicken evolved gradually over time as the result of many minute, successful mutations. If we agree that there had to be a first true chicken, it had to hatch from the first true chicken egg, no matter the what genetic makeup of the hen who laid it was.

Now, who wants and omelet? C’mon, you’re not… well, you know… are you?

What is the best thing about your post (base)? The worst? submitted by Randomly, Robyn

Betcha no matter what base people are talking about, the most prevalent answer on the “worst” side will be the traffic. 😉

As for the “best,” I suppose that depends on whether we’re talking about the installation itself or its surrounding area. I don’t actually spend that much time aboard the base at which Sampson is stationed, as there’s another base slightly more convenient to our house. When I do make it over to our “real” base, though, I always enjoy seeing the flight line full of E-2s and C-2s.

Are you a military spouse/fiancée/fiancé/girlfriend/boyfriend? Hie thee to LTJG Wifey’s blog, snag the questions, and add yourself to the Mr. Linky for this week’s MilSpouse Friday Fill-In!


2 thoughts on “MilSpouse Friday Fill-In: Deep Thought Edition

  1. Wife of a Sailor says:

    I want to have the skill to turn thoughts into blog posts, too.

    And HA! Wrong! Our base doesn’t have traffic problems. At all. Neener neener!

    (Yay jg!)

  2. Lol! There is a street near us named “Allen Dent” road. I’m considering having the name changed to Arthur Dent since it makes me think of the book every single time I pass it.
    Also, Hubband keeps a towel in the car. I wish I were kidding…

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