Reasons I’m Happy Today

For those of you awaiting an insightful or witty blog post from you old pal Nth… this isn’t it. It is, however, a list of random reasons I find myself in a good mood on this Sunday. You’ll note that none of them are “We just ‘sprang forward!'” Daylight Saving Time is, in my not so humble opinion, foolish and outmoded.

  • The hardware store had the — ugh — moth traps I was looking for in stock.
  • The hardware store is conveniently located next to a Sonic, where I obtained a delicious Coke with chocolate and vanilla.
    • The real reason Sonic is the best is their glorious crunchable ice. I adore it.
      • Deployment bonus: I could crunch ice to my heart’s content without wigging Sampson out.
  • The weather has approached perfection today: sunny, 65° F, and just enough of a breeze to rustle the budding branches.
  • When I open the windows to take advantage of the breeze, the cats entertain me by being fascinated with the birdies and squirrels and neighbors mowing their lawns.
  • I made ridiculously awesome lasagna for dinner last night, and the leftovers are equally delicious.
    • This may be the homecoming meal I make for Sampson later this summer. I can put it together ahead of time so as not to waste precious minutes of getting reacquainted with my husband with dinner prep.
  • I have big plans for watching the remainder of my “Get Smart” disc this evening — yay, 1960s spy comedy! — so I can send it back to Netflix in the morning.
  • Sampson said I looked really pretty on Skype this afternoon (well, my afternoon, his late night). 🙂

Finally, these kitty dorkotrons always make me smile:


Twin Napping

Wonder Kitten powers activate, form of... NAP!


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