Sock the First!

I finished my very first sock last night, and it turned out sock-shaped and everything.

Sock the First

Two nights ago, I stayed up until midnight knitting because I got it into my head that I couldn’t possibly go to sleep until I finished the gusset decreases. Despite the late hour I retired, I awoke bright and early yesterday morning determined that I would have a completed sock off the needles and on my foot before going to bed that night.

And I did it!

New skills learned in the course of Sock the First:

  • Working with small-sized, stabbity DPNs (double-pointed needles)
  • Turning a heel
  • Picking up stitches
  • Kitchener stitch (for grafting the toe)

I had better cast on for Sock the Second real soon, lest I get distracted by some shiny new knitting project and wind up having a lonely sock forever pining for its mate (a feeling to which I can relate at the moment, alas).

Besides, my other foot is cold.


6 thoughts on “Sock the First!

    • Thank you! I will probably go through a phase of wearing it (and its soon-to-exist mate) at every possible opportunity and desperately hoping someone notices my socks.

    • Thanks so much! Not gonna lie, I’m pretty pleased with myself for a first effort. 🙂 Now I’ve just got to conquer #2 before Second Sock Syndrome rears its ugly head.

  1. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the expression “second sock syndrome” yet, but it’s often a bore to knit the second sock. Well, for Christmas I knitted my husband and his brother matching luchador masks. We joked that I had “second luchador mask syndrome” because I was so gung-ho to make the first one and then my enthusiasm really petered out when I got halfway through the second!

    Great job, handmade socks are so nice to wear. Enjoy!

    • Thanks! I’m gamely plowing on through the boring k2 p2 ribbing on the cuff; I keep telling myself it will get interesting again when I divide for the heel. (I may be lying to myself, but if it gets my socks on my feet faster…) I have indeed been warned of the dreaded SSS by other knitterly friends; I think I like the notion of “second luchador mask syndrome” better. 😉

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