MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #9

If you could be a fugitive from the law for whatever reason, what would your crime be? (from It’s a Hooah Life)

Sneaking into the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and/or the Udvar-Hazy Center after hours to climb in all the cockpits and make airplane noises.  I suspect my husband would be right there with me.

How long do you think you will be a military family? (from Julie the Army Wife)

At least fifteen more years.  The length of my husband’s post-winging aviation commitment is such that by the time we would even have the option to consider leaving the Navy, he might as well stay in for the full twenty.

Even after he retires, I suspect we will still consider ourselves “a military family,” if one in a slightly different part of the community.

What’s your favorite recipe? (from Keep Calm and Soldier On)

Aaaaugh, tough one!  I have so many I like to prepare at different times of the year, for different holidays, for different moods.  We’ll just reach into the hat and pull out a single specimen: my decadent macaroni and goat cheese.  That deserves a post of its own; someday, it will get one.

What would you want your last five words to be when you leave this life? (from My Goal is Simple)

This question would be much easier to answer if it were about what I do not want my parting words to be.  I have a ton of those:

  • “Look what I can do!”
  • “Hey, what’s coming this way?”
  • “You sure it’s this button?”
  • “I have it under control.”
  • “Ground’s coming up awful quick…”

As for what I would not mind claiming as my last words… something akin to, “Family, I love you all,” wouldn’t be such an awful legacy.

Where do you hope to retire? (from Pennies from Heaven)

We are Virginians, born and raised, so we have always envisioned ourselves returning to the Old Dominion once our place of residence was subject to our own whim rather than the Navy’s.  An air park — it would be terribly convenient if our property had sufficient hangar space for the construction of our kit plane — somewhere in Virginia would be just about ideal.  Ooh, or a house on the water where we could tie up a seaplane.  We get a great deal of pleasure from imagining our dream home for “someday, after the Navy.”

Are you a military spouse/fiancée/fiancé/girlfriend/boyfriend? Hie thee to ENS Wifey’s blog, snag the questions, and add yourself to the Mr. Linky for this week’s MilSpouse Friday Fill-In!


20 thoughts on “MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #9

  1. Oh man, the Smithsonian after hours would be AWESOME. I will leave the planes for you as long as I can wander through the back rooms touching everything 🙂

    • You’re making me blush! That means so much coming from an accomplished writer such as yourself. Thank you!

      I’m making me hungry, too. 😉 A post with the recipe is in the works; it remains to be seen when it will make its grand debut on this page, as I’ve tweaked it somewhat since the last time I wrote it all out for someone.

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