High-flyin’ Aunt and Uncle

I know it’s Tuesday, but I cannot shake my sense of today’s Monday-nity (get it? Mundanity/Monday-nity?  I crack myself up, and unfortunately for my readers, I can’t help sharing).  My husband’s 0645 brief this morning sent us plummeting back to reality after a delightful four-day weekend.  Hearing the alarm go off at a truly uncivilized hour was rough, but at least we are heading back into the fray with memories of grilling delicious meat, imbibing tasty beverages, and embarking on miniature adventures to sustain us until the next bubble of breathing space.

I suppose one might make a case for our next escape from the needs of the Navy being very soon — the end of this week, in fact — but any “break” that involves travel to and from a place in quick succession with lots and lots of socializing squeezed in does not a relaxing time for us make.  While it will not be a rejuvenating breather, precisely, the reason for our upcoming whirlwind trip is a good one: our first nephew was born last week, and we will be attending his bris.  I can’t wait to meet the newest member of the family, hold him, make faces at him, and — very best of all — hand him back to his mom and dad when he gets fussy or needs a diaper change.  Quoth a high school classmate of mine who has nieces and nephews of her own, “Returnable (to their parents) babies are AN EXCELLENT KIND of babies!”

I may not be the most skillful knitter ever to take needles in hand, but I think this will do for absorbing "burps" that go the extra mile.

I learned how to knit a few weeks ago, which is not as big a non sequitur from the previous subject as it might seem because my new craft allows me to do neat things like produce a handmade burp cloth for a baby present.  I’m still a neophyte knitter, but I’ve got a pretty good handle on things rectangular, such as scarves, dishcloths, and yes, burp cloths.  It tickles my sense of the absurd to spend my free time lovingly constructing a hand-knit object for the express purpose of catching spit-up.  If a colorful cotton schmatta brings a little cheer to parents dealing with the myriad ways an infant can make a mess, I’ll call it time well spent.


10 thoughts on “High-flyin’ Aunt and Uncle

    • Thanks! Miss Vera is miffed that I kept pushing her back and taking the skein of yarn away from her so I could take the stupid picture. Oh, it’s rough being a cat.

    • Both cats definitely want to play with the yarn. It calls to them. They are nigh unable to resist its siren song. And yet, I think they want to play with the knitting needles even more. They’re so shiny and they move and the human wielding them makes such amusing noises when one is snagged with a paw.

      I have a few crochet hooks lying about for fixing my (frequent) knitting mistakes and weaving in ends of yarn, but I haven’t given actual crocheting a go just yet. Oh well, maybe one of these days.

    • Thank you! Oh, trust me, if I had turned my back for an instant, Vera would have had the yarn in her teeth and gone trotting about the house, multicolored cotton yarn streaming merrily behind her until my poor work-in-progress got wrapped around a chair or something.

  1. I am so impressed that you taught yourself how to knit…I tried (that and crocheting) and it was a huuuge failure. I might pull it out and try again. But seriously, huge props!

    I’m glad you found my blog. 🙂

    • Thanks! I relied heavily on “how to knit” videos on YouTube and KnittingHelp.com. The hardest thing for me to figure out was casting on. I felt like an abysmally uncoordinated dope for what seemed like hours, watching and re-watching the long-tail cast-on video to figure out what I was doing wrong. Once that light bulb flickered to life, though, the rest of it came pretty quickly. Pretty much everyone on my [Insert Favorite Winter Holiday] list is getting a scarf or a set of dishcloths this year, whether they like it or not. 😉

      I’m glad I found your blog, too, and thank you for dropping by to visit mine! We’ll have to talk flying sometime. I haven’t found too many other military spouses (or spouses-to-be) who are interested in pursuing a certificate.

  2. I love your comment about the best types of babies being the ones you can hand back to their parents! They happen to be my favorite too ;-). Being unemployed for several years now (moving 4 times in 5 years is really not the best way to keep a job) has led me to babysit for a living and I love kids. I really do. But I sure love giving them back to their parents at the end of the day! I have so much respect for all the mom’s out there, but I can’t say that baby fever has even come close to hitting me yet. For now I’ll stick with the babies that I don’t have to keep. Congrats on your first nephew!

    • I feel you on the frequent moving associated with Navy flight school, the FRS, and the first real duty station. We are quite content to have the only pitter-pattering in our house come from paws rather than little feet for the time being — no baby fever here, either. Doting aunt, though? That I can do. 🙂

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