Glass Holes

The glass guy came yesterday and replaced my window.  Hooray, my car no longer has a gaping hole in it!  Boo, we’re out a couple hundred bucks to finance some vandalizing schmuck’s idea of a smashingly fun night out.  The auto glass repairman was a polite professional who was amusingly delighted with the bottle of Coke we gave him, although I must say that I hope we do not have cause to see him again in the future.

Now we need to figure out if there is a workable way to amend our car-parking situation so my car is off the street.  We have two cars and a one-car garage, which complicates things somewhat.  My husband, being a car enthusiast who loves his vehicle, parks in the garage with my blessing; we would be much more upset if something happened to his car than to mine.  I like my car and all, but it’s pretty much just an appliance to me, whereas my husband’s car is the sum of a lot of work and TLC over the past five years.

I definitely don’t want to start playing the car shuffle game that would need to ensue if I started parking in the driveway.  It is possible, just barely, for me to pull off to one side of the driveway and leave enough space for my husband to get in and out of the garage, but that leaves my car in the grass.  That would be less than ideal, especially since the latest issue of the neighborhood newsletter included a reminder that residents are not to park on unpaved areas of their property.  Is our only option to pave a parking area off to one side of the driveway?

Ugh.  I’d much rather be able to feel I can safely park my car in front of my own damn house without its smooth, newly replaced window glass shining like a beacon for bored teenagers inclined towards mischief.


10 thoughts on “Glass Holes

  1. sespi says:

    Oh that is a dilemma. (Probably because I just watched Talladega Nights) I just had image of you keeping a cougar in your car. That would deter people from breaking the window… but it would also deter you from getting in your car. Probably easier to pave a parking area, but that is annoying!

  2. Bethany says:

    Haha, I like the cougar idea, too! I’m sorry some idiot busted your window! How frustrating is that?!?!? I’m glad it was fixed, though.

    • “Idiot” is right. I flatter myself that I am a wee bit too sophisticated to consider breaking a stranger’s stuff as a diverting evening’s entertainment. ;-P I’m glad it’s fixed, too, and I sincerely hope it stays that way.

      For the record, I’m giggling at myself now because the image that popped into my head for a split second at the word “cougar” was of an inappropriately dressed older woman rather than a big cat. Now that would be a scary thing to find in my car!

  3. My hubby and I did the car shuffle for a while…Only we really didn’t. Our driveway was long enough that I could park in the middle and leave him enough room to weave around mine. Then again, we live on post, so paving an extra space was out of the question, and now we’re down to one car.

    If I were you and could afford to pave a parking area, that’s what I’d do!!

    Or, better yet, move. 😛

    • Moving? Perish the thought! We just found out, to our deep and abiding relief, that we don’t have to move for about another three years. We are thrilled about the prospect of not seeing any cardboard boxes for a while. 😉

      I think we might look into making those driveway expansions/improvements, as we really love our house and our neighbors. I don’t think anyplace is immune to the depredations of bored adolescents; it seems like everyone, no matter how nice their neighborhood, has similar stories.

  4. Dislike. As someone who just had to shell out $500 (on an insurance deductible) because some putz hit my car and took off, I can say that it totally sucks to have to pay for someone else being an idiot.

    On a better note, I wanted to wish you and your man a Happy 9-years together, too!

    • Ugh, I am so sorry you had to go through that. Talk about completely infuriating.

      Thanks for the wishes! I can’t believe next year is going to mark a full decade.

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