Shabbat Shalom

Thanks to the MilSpouse Blog Hop, I have been having fun all day bouncing from one fount of fascinating new reading material to the next.  If I owe the pleasure of your blog-reading company to Wife on the Roller Coaster’s kind introduction, welcome once again and thank you for sticking around past my blog hop bio.  To those who have been reading all along, you already know I’m fond of you!  Or if you didn’t, you do now.

Though I have tried doggedly to stay caught up, the list of eighty-eight (at the time of this writing) participants is more than even this avid online content connoisseur can handle in one day.  If I haven’t yet made my way over to your blog, I will endeavor to do so over the next week.  Tonight and tomorrow until sundown, however, I will be taking a break from the blogosphere for Shabbat, the Jewish sabbath.  Some weeks I’m more successful than others, but every Friday night and Saturday, I try to unplug from the online world that can seem all-consuming during the week.  It’s nice to put down the computer and breathe for a day, and it’s also lovely to reconnect with everyone after Shabbat’s conclusion.

I just wanted to let you know that if you leave a comment or send me an email or follow me on Twitter or what-have-you sometime between this evening and tomorrow night, I will not respond right away.  I promise I’m not ignoring you.  I’ll get back to my bloggish obligations real soon.


Nothing makes the house smell better than fresh-baked bread. Nothing in the world.

Right now, though, it’s time to light some candles, drink some wine, and enjoy some fresh, homemade challah.  Shabbat Shalom, everyone.  May you have a peaceful, restful weekend.


11 thoughts on “Shabbat Shalom

    • Thank you! Just keep in mind that the wonderful thing about photography is that I can set up the shot so the somewhat more crooked side of the loaf doesn’t show. 😉 This was only the second time I’ve tried a four-stranded braid, during which process I wound up braiding and unbraiding three flippin’ times before I wound up with something resembling the right shape.

  1. sespi says:

    I’m so jealous of your bread… 😉 And I like your idea of unplugging for one day a week! I think might try that.

  2. Wifey says:

    Yeah, I have no idea how I can get to everyone’s blog! And your bread looks amazing! Can’t wait til you are back to the wired world!

    • Thanks! I think I need to toast up a slice and bust out the blueberry preserves to sustain me while I continue blog-hopping. I think it’s gonna take all week.

  3. Oh, but that just sounds so relaxing. Too often, I think, we do get so caught up in our “online lives” or at the very least, our technological geared lives that we forget about the beauty that exists outside our “four walls”…

    That is my “bit of wisdom for the moment”… lol

    Anywhoo… This is Dawna from Hiccups In Time here, returning the favor of the drop by. 🙂 I will definitely be following in the future. Have a great couple of days!

  4. So have you given up on the blog hop yet? I’m so glad you joined in. Hopefully you’ve met some great people. I am utterly shocked that we got 200 links on there. I was expecting maybe 40. Ahh, the wonders of Twitter.

    • The number of participants is incredible! I haven’t given up, but I have slowed my pace a great deal. It’s much more manageable for me to click through a handful of links in the morning; I think I would give up if I were trying to visit everyone in quick succession.

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