Ten Happy Things

Happy 101 Award

I may go into sugar shock just looking at the wee cupcakes (or maybe I’ll be inspired to give into temptation and walk to the doughnut shop for something with sprinkles), but I still want to thank fellow Navy wife Mrs. Somarriba (of The Somarribas fame) for thinking of me when bestowing this sugary award.

As with most sweet things in life, there are still some rules attached:

  1. Thank the person you received the award from.
  2. Name 10 things that make you happy.
  3. Pass it on and contact the lucky winners!

Ten things that make me happy, huh?  Various and sundry things bring a smile to my face, and I find that being easily amused is a trait that leads to a more pleasant stroll through life.  Selected at random and in no particular order, my ten happy-making things of the day are:

  1. Cracking open a new book, especially if it’s hardcover.
  2. Baking bread, particularly challah for Shabbat.
  3. Hanging out with my younger brother, who is a pretty cool guy.
  4. Yummy-smelling handmade bar soaps, such as those here.
  5. Seeing my cats curled up on the chair next to me; bonus points if they’re entwined such that I can’t tell whose paws/tails/what-have-you are whose.
  6. Doing crosswords with my husband.
  7. Tea.  All kinds: white, green, black, spiced, herbal (yes, I know herbal “teas” aren’t actually Camellia sinensis and should rather be termed tisanes), you name it.  It’s a sad day when I can’t brew myself a cuppa.
  8. General aviation.  I love flying in small airplanes, and I look forward to proving myself competent to take the controls myself.
  9. Taking pictures at the local botanical garden.  No matter the season, there is always something to see.
  10. Building LEGO sets.  Who says you have to wait ’til you have kids to play with the cool toys again?

The eleventh thing that makes me happy is getting to chatter cheerfully with fellow MilSpouseBloggers such as the ladies linked to here.  I love reading your blogs and chatting with you on Twitter, and if you’re inclined to share ten things that bring a smile to your face, consider yourself invited to snag a little sugar for your blog and list away.


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