Super Star

I’ve been up for over three hours already without any outside impetus such as my husband having to get up for a flight.  That’s just wrong.  On the plus side, it gave me plenty of opportunity to do online things like post pictures of my nieces on Facebook, tweet about my cats chewing on little plastic F6F Hellcat fuselages, and wander aimlessly through the milspouse blogosphere.  In my travels, I came across a new blog I want to read and something worthy of military quilt lust (milquiltlust?).

The Mrs. at Trying Our Best is giving away a quilted service star banner, and she’s endeavoring to get the word out to as many military family members as possible.  Head on over and take a look if you’re interested!

Okay, that took a lot of effort to write, because I would dearly love to have the charming banner all to myself, and logic dictates that the fewer people who enter, the better chance I have to win.  I’m really working on that selfishness thing, though, so please go check it out and, if you so desire, throw your name into the hat, as well.


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